THE Shepherd’s Babouche: "HER" SPARKLE EDITION

THE Shepherd’s Babouche: "HER" SPARKLE EDITION

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THE Shepherd’s Babouche HER *SPARKLE EDITION* is a fine, handmade slipper, boasting a sleek, relaxed fit for addictive, every day + evening wear! Perfect indoors or on-the-go; at a party, or a day by the sea; and make excellent travel companions, for their light weight and flexibility.

The Sparkle Edition model is the most elegant and fashionable of our women's babouches.

A steadfast Moroccan classic, Babouches hail from way back, and are worn by everyone from the Bedouins to the Monarchs in the Kingdom of Morocco. They were first popularized in Europe by the French in the 17th century, worn by the elite for their ultra-comfortable, laid-back style.

Our collection of Babouches is hand-crafted in Fez, in the Old Medina, just blocks away from where the leather is prepared and coloured in the famous tanneries.

Along with the Old Medina, this style is a traditional symbol of this sacred city.

Smooth, relaxed, playful elegance… Slip in.

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