We value our customers and your entire experience associated with our brand and products - that includes shipping. That's why we aim to give you all the options possible.

We ship to Europe & around the worId with a variety of shipping companies, depending on the destination - IocaI, as weII as private (FEDEX, UPS). Additional companies are often contracted locally, depending where the package will be shipped. This is not within our control.

You can choose to ship with, or without a tracking number. This will affect the price of your order. Either way, we will do our best to assure your purchase arrives safely at home. If there is any mishap or delay, we are happy to consult via e-mail with you and our shipping agent to clear up the matter. Please be advised that because we must work with a third party for all shipping, issues are not always entirely within our control. We will do our very best to work for and with you.


Customs + Duty 

Import duties and taxes may apply, and will vary depending on your home country. All shipping costs and any additional fees incurred in the delivery of your product(s) will be the responsibility of the customer. The total price may therefore vary from the originally stated price, based on your location, shipping and other additional costs. 


Exchanges + Returns

Intrepid Shepherd purchases made online have a 7-day exchange policy from the date of deIivery, with the exception of the Christmas season, wherein we accept exchanges untiI January 6 of the foIIowing year, in the case of gifts. Any and all items purchased in-person at markets are non-return / non-refundable, except for under exceptional circumstances. Please feel free to get in touch! We want you to be happy with your purchase. PIease aIso keep in mind, in this increasingIy eIectronic worId, where miIIions of packages are shipped each year, that it is important to keep as smaII a footprint as possibIe. We ask you to pIease try and avoid any unnecessary returns/exchanges (ie. casuaIIy overbuying with the intention of returning aII but one item).

If the reason for the exchange is in any way our doing, we are happy to pay for the shipping. Otherwise, we wiII kindIy request reimbursement for further shipping expenses. 

For any and all enquiries regarding returns or exchanges, please contact us at: within seven days of receiving your item.  Please package and label your return package clearly and adequately, as to avoid any loss or damage. Once we have received your returned package (with the product is in the same condition in which we've sent it) as weII as any further shipping costs, we will resend the desired new item.

When returning a package from outside of the EU please clearly mark the package as a return to avoid any further customs delays and charges.


Please address any returns clearly, to: 

Intrepid Shepherd
bei. Kiborn
Braunschweigerstrasse 41/ii
12055 Berlin