Nong Khai Batik Indigo with Outer Pocket

Nong Khai Batik Indigo with Outer Pocket

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Our Batik Indigo Collection hails from the north of Thailand, near Chiang Mai.

Our talented Artisan is a daughter of the Hmong tribe in North Thailand.

These batik wax-painted and indigo-coloured clutches are made from vintage handmade traditional tapestries and dress found in the village. They are coloured with natural dye - the most impressive of which is the indigo. Indigo colouring technique and batik design patterns are commonly used in this region (North Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, South China).

Newly installed snap-button closure on the outside. Small inner and outer pockets with zip closure.

A rope or a leather sling strap can be added as a strap, if necessary, to create the bag that's perfect for you!

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